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Bamboo Charcoal Helps With Smoke Odour And Irritation.

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

We have bushfires and burn offs happening again this summer.

Bush fire smoke can be very irritating and in many causes agrivate other medical conditions.

Kingpin Bamboo Charcoal Eco Packs placed inside your home and other personal spaces will adsorb the unwanted mollecules floating in the smokey atmosphere.

Kingpin's all natural Biochar in tne Eco Pack is just the thing for filtering and to help purifying the air .... no need for a machine run on electricy.

Best of all, place the Eco Packs in the sun occasionally where the UV rays disperse the unwanted elements, No waste, just undesirable odours and irritants gone, then the Eco Pack is ready to re-use again and again. Learn more on

Australian business with stock on hand.

I received a message today from a resident of Ellenbrook..........

“Thank you so much for the bamboo charcoal pack. It has been constantly in use this week. the smoke has been terrible so very grateful to have your pack to help clear the house. So grateful!.”

Yes, the Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying pack can

help eliminate that smoke odour and harmful allergens.

We have plenty in stock ready to assist with cleaning the air in your home.

Comes in 2 sizes: 20cm & 15cm

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