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Bamboo Charcoal Eco Packs for when there's something in the air

Learn about the natural filtering of Bamboo Charcoal Eco Packs, which helps prevent mould, mildew and bacteria from forming.

As published in Senior's Newsletter April 2023

No, he hasn't bought me a boat! – Photo opportunity

"Being open to new opportunities and taking chances are part and parcel of being entrepreneurial."

"Rob Murrie and Diane Trouchet of Perth, WA, have weathered the seas - literally - of business Kingpin for about 20 years, specialising in products for boats, caravans, cars and households."

"Their main products have been ranges of heavy-duty pegs, particularly designed for rails measuring 35mm diameter or greater and able to cop a battering from wind, salt and sun exposure."

"It's been a labour of love..."

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