Channel 9 feature on mould

They missed out big news!

How disappointing and sadly remiss that your presenter did not know or chose not to tell about Activated Bamboo Charcoal.

The new science for absorbing moisture in spaces. Purifying the air, preventing mould.

Non chemical, no disposable waste, fragrance free, no throw away elements. Safe for children and pets.

The new wave GREEN Australia should know about this. I do!  We  have the product in our home.

No more chemical, gels, sprays, scent bombs, diffusers.


The  Wow  factor of this new science, just occasionally place the linen bag of Bamboo Charcoal in sunlight to restore ready for re-use for up to 2 years.

Some latest news from the manufacturer

Bamboo Charcoal Properties

Can reduce harmful effects to the human body caused by electromagnetic radiation of computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and various household appliances.

Can purify air, prevent mould and absorb noxious gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and paint odours in newly renovated houses.

Can absorb moisture and unpleasant odours from the interiors of cars, boats, refrigerators, laundries, closets, bathrooms, pet areas, etc.

Refresh in sunlight before use
Then as required for re-use up to 2 years

As written in Afloat Magazine, May 2018, issue #343:

Bamboo Charcoal

The wonder purifier to “detox” unpleasant air

The Japanese invented it, the Chinese make it and King Pin Team are bringing it to the 2019 Sanctuary Boat Show.

How it works

Bamboo is cut, burnt, washed and dried several times to produce Activated Charcoal which has natural adsorption characteristics and significant surface area to trap odour and pollutant particles.


The Eco Packs have a pure linen cover to allow air to flow through to the bamboo pores which absorb moisture and odours.

Available in sizes 20cm and 15cm, no chemicals, non toxic and fragrance free.

No disposable waste, just place item in sunlight for an hour from time to time to rejuvenate the function. Absorbed gases will disperse, ready for re-use of up to two years.

King Pin Team will display and assist on Boat Books stand at the Sanctuary Boat Show.